Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Shower

No, I've not given up or forgotten about the Royce Project. It's just that for the last few weekends, I've been working on planning and executing a baby shower for a work colleague. Two of us got together and pulled off a shindig worthy of showering with soap. At least according to me.

Of course, I have pictures. The mom to be is having a boy, so we went masculine and modern with the decor. We used green, light blue and accents of chocolate brown as a color scheme.

For the favors I baked those damned sugar cookies. Each little package of cookies spelled out B-A-B-Y with a chocolate dipped star for good measure.

Instead of flowers, we used apples and herbs.

Remember the whole skit with the clowns and the VW bug? Well, that was a little like my house on Sunday. Is it possible to fit 20 people in my dining room?

Yes, it is as long as long as the fire marshal doesn't make a surprise visit (not that that would have been bad. I like firemen):

Yes, yes 20 is a lot of people to try and fit into my house.

There was a ton a food, a ton of people and the mom-to-be got lots of nice stuff. All in all, I can't think of a better excuse for a little celebrating on a Sunday morning.

And now I can get back to Royce...

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